Silent Hill Homecoming European release date possibly leaked. have managed to get their hands on the final boxart design of the European version of Silent Hill: Homecoming, also to note that the website have a release date down for Silent Hill: Homecoming in the United Kingdom as the 28th November 2008. This looks to be a reliable release date but there is still no official word from Konami on the European release dates for Silent Hill: Homecoming as yet. However we do expect something soon.

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quiquitos3293d ago

the fact that in the UK we gamers dont get the game at the same time as gamers in NA. You could say that in europe due to different languages the game needs to be translated but not in scotland and england where the majority of people have english as their first language.

Dont know much about Ireland but i would imagine the same applies.

Arsenic133293d ago

It could be production issues or content filtering. It realy does suck tho. There is even some sources that say Feb for EU.

thor3292d ago

It's purely because of the regions. Okay so a PS3 _can_ play the American version, but UK is in a PAL region so it's handled with all the european stuff. What _I_ don't get is the fact that whilst it's localised for all the different languages in europe, it's not for English. I mean WTF? Can't we have some proper spelling here? They just can't be bothered, "Oh it'll do they can read it."

hardcorehippiez3292d ago

and english is the 1st language spoken in ireland .

Ali_The_Brit3292d ago

wtf isnt the US 30th september?!?!?!

Arsenic133292d ago

Yes, but its delayed everywhere else.

Ali_The_Brit3292d ago

ah whatever i havnt even finished siren yet :P

Arsenic133292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

WTF? What does this have to do with the PS3? Its on both consoles idiot. The PS3 version isnt causing a delay cause its coming out in 2 weeks in NA. God dam your retarded.

aggh im on fire3292d ago

Why do game companies insist on releasing everything in Novemeber. Was going to get this day one but will be picking up gears2 and tombraider/ resistance2 up around this time and won't be able to afford it till next year. If they would have released it now when theres bugger all out it would have got more sales, me for one.

thor3292d ago

Christmas. If they release it in november they can get all of the christmas sales.

aggh im on fire3292d ago

trouble is they would get more sales releasing it at a time when biggies like gears weren't competeing for there money.Silent hill is great but theres now way the majority of people will chooses it over Gears or resistance.

thor3292d ago

I'm not so sure. There are a LOT more games being bought around christmas time, and you have to remember, people don't ONLY buy games when they are released. So if they try to release it before christmas instead of after, they hope to pick up at least some of the christmas sales and just as many people will buy it afterwards (if they haven't got it already).

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