A Look Back: Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. The end to the grand legacy that began with the likes of Fallout. Troika's final stand. Bloodlines truly was the last of a dying breed. It's such a shame, then, that it is one f the worst, it's moments of shining brilliance overshadowed by its scores of bugs, poor pacing, and compromised design.

Bloodlines was the first non-Valve game designed on the Source engine and released before Half-Life 2. An RPG developed by Troika using the Source engine.

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Zulwarn3417d ago

this game will never be REALIZED ...........unless it gets remade for..........THE XBOX 360!!

JsonHenry3417d ago

I loved the game. Yeah, there were bugs. But really not anything that just stood in your way of enjoying the game. And I am not sure what they meant about the pacing of the game. It was an RPG. They have they high/low moments.

tplarkin73417d ago

I don't know what he meant about poor pacing. I also don't remember hating the sewers that much, either. If you play the game for story, and don't care about combat, the game is one of the best RPGs ever made. I just enabled "god mode". The parts which I didn't like were the horror elements.

Fanboy Slaughter3417d ago

....For the fact that it was completely fantastic and dreadfully under-hyped. I still have my copy, and it still sits on my hard drive. I think I've played through it with 4 different classes now, and the story never gets old, because it's different with every class you play as.

I miss the days of heavily story driven PC games. Choosing your response and almost every one of them affecting the next outcome. I don't get the constant b1tching about the the fighting, I've played worse, and how well you shoot a gun is directly dependant on your gun skills, just like the tabletop-RPG/LARP.

I remember also playing Vampire: Redemption, and that was another over-looked great game. Using a 3D "Diablo" set-up with point-and-click movement and attack, that game was awesome, and also heavily story driven, with your responses more or less affecting things down the road.

I think those were the last two GREAT PC games I played that lasted more than 10 hours. Vampire Bloodlines I think took around 28 hours for me to beat, and Vampire: Redemption was over 40+. Two great games.

BlackRaven853417d ago

I love playing this game, it had everything I could hope for in a great PC game that wasn't Half-Life 2. I remember the great atmosphere with the music and it was truly one of a kind. I may play some again today.

EvilCackle3417d ago

I do remember the sewers sucking the first time I played...but on my second play-through recently, it wasn't nearly as bad. Maybe just mental preparation. If the Fall wasn't so stacked with new releases, I might go play Arcanum a third time or Planescape a second.