Konami launch Silent Hill: Homecoming website

Konami have just recently launched what appears to be a promotional website for Silent Hill: Homecoming. On the website there are numerous character profiles to look into of Alex Shepherd, Elle Holloway and Deputy Wheeler. As well as the featuring the official game trailer shown at both E3 2008 and Leipzig Game Convention this year plus a handful of screenshots and general information on the title etc.

It's worth taking a look (which you can preview below) however there may be a proper full blown website launching soon.

Silent Hill: Homecoming is due for release at the end of the month in the United States on September 30th 2008 for the Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and PC (stream).

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Arsenic133626d ago

Its a bit bland and empty but the diaries sure do give an idea what the characters are like.

Strife Lives3625d ago

But Ive seen some vids. . .and ,it doesnt seem scary enough. . .Idk,Team Silent shouldve just kept this and made it themselves.SH5. . .seems filled with recycled stuff from othe SH's . . .even Pyramid Head?Idk. . .maybe,I'll buy it just not on launch day. .

Arsenic133625d ago

PHs appearance was guaranteed acceptable by Jason Allen. He said that he heas a reason there, not to just look pretty. Heres a very recent vid, it looks great IMO.

demonddel3625d ago

wonder why this game is not getting no hype i bet if it was a ps3 only title it'll be all over the place best game this cell that WOW i just understand