Gamer Center Online: Too Human Review - "Is This Another HAZE?"

Gamer Center Online writes: "With almost ten years of development Too Human has finally arrived. I'll be lying if I where to say that this game is one of the greatest game I ever had the chance to play, but yet it's still one of the games I wanted to play ever since it was announced. If you are yet to play the game or you haven't read up on the game, the game take place in a world of Norse Mythology, which is basically Viking mythology. In the game you play a Baldur, a Norse god who has just recovered from a pretty severe injury in battle. And you are one of many race of cybernetically enhanced humans, which is trying defend the human race from an army of machines.

When you first put in the game you'll have to pick one of five classes of characters and they are Berserker, Defender, Champion, Commando, and Bioengineer. Which if you pick right should help your strategy in the game because each class specialize in different weapons and skills. In the game you battle against all type of Supernatural monsters using your superhuman abilities, which very from by different stages."

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Sony Rep3597d ago

somebody please kill this game already!

The reviews are getting boring now.