Deeko Review: Infinite Undiscovery

Tri-Ace is one of the most loved JRPG development houses in the world. With such beloved series main stays like Valkyrie Profile and Star-Ocean, gamers know going into a Tri-Ace developed game two things; the battle system is going to be insanely fun, and it's going to look pretty to boot. Tri-Ace and Microsoft's first joint venture, Infinite Undiscovery covers both of those handily, but not without some problems along the way.

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Sony Rep3570d ago

that Tri-Ace are mediocre developers?

Hopefully Star Ocean is good, because "Till the End of Time" was cliched and boring. Combat system was OK, though.

blooodFrenzy923570d ago

there not mediocore developers. and this is not a mediocre game.

in fact its actually really good. why do people diss 360 exclusives so much. really r u jelouse or something. ps3 jrpg exclusives as of now ???? disgea 3

TheColbertinator3570d ago

I did try it out.I thought the combat was decent but I was hoping Tri-Ace would deliver a AAA game