'Online Gaming' The Good and the Bad

No matter how good or bad a game is, there will always be an alternate reason to play the game again - the online part that is. Some games lack in server quality and some games lack in fun online gaming. Overall, there are some games that stand out. Then there are some games that don't have online at all but still they have achieved many awards and great reviews, such games as Uncharted, Oblivion and Assassins Creed. If these games had online they would of blown us all away.

Enough about single player games, check out the good and the bad of online gaming in the full article.

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Mr PS33448d ago

The Good (PSN)
The Bad (Xbox Live)
And The Ugly (The BoTs)

Wardog13683448d ago

This article didn't go very deep. It could have easily started talking about clan support, the types of people you meet, and of course added content ect.

Cajun Chicken3448d ago

Just in relation to the sample of the article above.
I seriously see if those acclaimed SP games, more time would be put into the engine and onling gameplay mechanics and rules and the pre-production and artwork of the game wouldn't be strong.

Uncharted could probably EASILY be converted into an online game but I think arenas would involve setting traps much like the later Far Cry games, the thought into that probably would of cost Naughty Dog a lot of resources due to thinking of the above and I honestly think the single player section of games would be a lot better if concentrated over the online section and there and it must be allowed just for a game to have a single player game, anyway.

tommy-cronin3448d ago

Ya Uncharted is one of my favorite games but if it was online it would of been a hell of a lot better