Is "Spore" the Mother of all Video Games?

The company is most famous for their series of sports games, such As John Madden Football, but has recently encountered strong criticism for their strategy of developing sequels to pre-existing games, rather than innovating new titles. EA is hoping that the release of Spore will shush the critics once and for all, and turn around the company's lackluster profit outlook.

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villevalorox3412d ago

NO, spore is fn awesome but not the best. It is fun to be God, but it gets old.

radio0o3412d ago

its actually kind of a lame game to be honest. good ideas, poor execution and catering to casuals. kinda boring and pointless. etc

wayyy too much hype

Cheeseknight283412d ago

For the mother of all video games, it sure is lacking an AUTO SAVE FEATURE.

Seriously, my computer crashes and I have to start over? Are we in the 90s now?

Kyur4ThePain3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

Doesn't Really Matter.

Kyur4ThePain3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

Nobody sees what I did there?

<sulks in a corner>

ThatArtGuy3412d ago

DRM, but I chose to ignore it. :P

Sony Rep3412d ago

Little Big Planet looks to have more of an impact on the way we game than Spore was to supposedly have.

Harry1903412d ago

Is you daddy.

Bye-bye bubbles.

Calvin_ISA3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

cause you made me laugh by misspelling "your".. So it's as if you're asking me if I'm your daddy in a "poor southern" slang. Haha. Thanks for the laugh, and no.. I is not your daddy. ;)

Harry1903412d ago

Happens from time to time. I guess I am not your daddy. I am your brother. Let us dance under the moonlight my brother. You play Liquid, I will be Old Snake.

Calvin_ISA3412d ago

..and sure! Sounds like fun! ^.^ We could have a bonfire and sing coombiah. :D OOH! MARSHMALLOWS! OMG!!! WE COULD MAKE S'MORES!! xD

Harry1903412d ago

But I am allergic to marshmallow brother. After the little dance,, we shall decide, through a manly battle atop a super warship who takes Naomi HOME.

Calvin_ISA3412d ago

And we will fight for glory, as I already have a girlfriend. :D ah! I have a question! Will this fight sprawl through all the health bars and music of the previous entries in our series? :)

Harry1903412d ago

But remember, no low blow brother. Shots under the belt are prohibited.
The victor will be rewarded with a magnificent setting/rising sun in the horizon as well as Naomi. Well, not really, I get Naomi even if I lose, because I have a better mustache and I don't wear tight latex suits all day. That's how we roll brother.

If you win, you also get a limited Collector's Edition of the Gekko and Kerotan toys.

Calvin_ISA3412d ago

Limited Edition, eh? That's too good to pass up. :)

[[Out of Character]]: I only have one more reply.. And wanted to know - when you proofread, do you have an accent? Haha, I do. Sounding like SNAAAAAAAKE!!!

Harry1903412d ago

head, I am talking just like Liquid brother.Just like him.(Ocelot actually) And just that part when he says 'Brother!'

Calvin_ISA3412d ago

Just what I was imagining. :] It was fun while it lasted, brother! >:D Haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.