Bjorn3d: Foxconn 9500GT-256FR3 Review

Bjorn3d writes: "Although not getting much news and reviews, budget graphics cards are actually a big market. These cards usually are cut-down version of the enthusiasts and mainstream cards. They are usually bundled with many pre-built system and are often what you will find at your local retailers. The budget graphic cards often are a good choice for people who wish to upgrade their system with integrated graphics to a discreet card because they free up the precious system RAM that the integrated GPU utilizes. Furthermore, by upgrading the integrated GPU to a discreet GPU, you are not only getting a better performance but usually also getting more features and functions."


+ No external power is needed
+ Decent performance
+ Great value
+ Runs quiet
+ Great overclocking potential


- Only comes with 1 DVI
- Heatsink is not screwed on the card evenly
- Lacks HDMI audio pass through cable

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