Over Ten Tips To Get The Best PS3 Experience

Many PlayStation 3 users don't know all the possibilities their console is capable of doing. From streaming video websites to downloading music directly done through your PlayStation 3. Here's a few tips from ThAGRiZZ45, on getting the best PS3 experience possible.

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Kyur4ThePain3478d ago

I've been running TVersity for quite some time now, but didn;t know about PlayOn.
I've never been able to get the YouTube part of TVersity to work, but it works like a charm on PlayOn.
Most of the rest works very well too (though I had some trouble getting Hulu to work).

DavidMacDougall3478d ago

This is all just gravy your a winner as soon as you buy a ps3

Freckler3477d ago Show
Anton Chigurh3477d ago

totally agree

If you need great games and online sevice , the 360 is your only choice

Rick Astley3477d ago Show
La Chance3477d ago Show
Nate Frog3477d ago Show
Rick Astley3477d ago Show
Conan O Brien3477d ago

If you want the best entertainment experience PERIOD then don't just jump in, play beyond.

ConanOBrien3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

^^ damage control at its best, PERIOD.

Omegasyde3477d ago

Online Service is Xbox's greatest achievement beating the PSN.

Please direct me to where the great games that the 360 has that are way better than anything on the PS3 right now.
Perhaps if it was 2007, you would have a valid point BUT ITS NOT.

So go enjoy paying your subscription, download your movies, playing online and, enjoying the achievements.

I'll enjoy for free and downloading movies, playing online, and enjoying trophies. *GASP* PSN is almost the same as Xbox Live minus Cross Game CHAT, perhaps if I pay Sony 50 dollars a year I might get cross game chat.

While I am at it frekler, you might be buying a extra Xbox 360 this
year like most people......Why you ask?

Because 3-year Warranties start expiring in November thus the real reason for the 360 price cut.

"Jump In" at Your own Risk starting November 2008. Brought to you by Pontiac and Xbox Live.

Killjoy30003477d ago

Freckler, I reported your comment as off-topic.

shazam3477d ago

there is no way there could be that many agrees/disagrees with only 210 degrees.

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Drealmcc0y3477d ago

360 has more AAA and AA games than the PS3
Give me all the disagrees you want, but its a fact

dukadork3477d ago

turn it on and jump off a cliff; it might work as a jet pack.
if it doesn't, call 1 800 DUMBOT for support.

juuken3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Or use it as a heater for the winter. :D

And Drealmcc0y...what will happen when the PS3 library expands even further and some AAA and AA games come out? Would you be able to say that now?

The 360 is a much older system than the PS3 for the last damn time. Microsoft had a headstart so of course the library will be larger!

Drealmcc0y3477d ago

Bu Bu 360 has been out longer WAAAAAAAAAAAAH

juuken3477d ago're the one being immature, not me.

I asked you a legitimate question
Oh, and quality over quantity. I would rather have quality games than worry about how many games my system has, unlike you bots. :)

Narutone663477d ago

My 60GB BC PS3 has more AAA and AA games than any console out in the market right now. Aside from PS3 games, it can also play PS1 and PS2 games. So don't argue about which console have the most games.

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PoSTedUP3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago ) can download them straight to your HD! ; ) oh man its great...

Jake the Muss3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Some decent tips there, although I suspect many N4G readers would already know most of them.

However, I did happen to frown on this particular line: "If you live in U.S and are so anxious getting your stuff; go to your European account they always get their stuff first."

I think there may be many EU PS3 owners that might disagree with that. While the EU Store might get it's update first (or so the article says), I'm not sure how the EU Store gets something before the US does when the EU Store doesn't have it in the first place...

xhi43478d ago

i love how it plays Divx, that's probably one of the biggest ticks for me. You know.....with the whole 'legally' downloading movies thing

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