BC Gaming: Wii Music Impressions

The general consensus on Wii Music, at least based off their disastrous E3 press conference showing, is that the game is utter garbage, a waggle-fest geared towards the preschool and the extremely elderly. However, after getting hands-on time at PAX with Wii Music, BC Gaming can tell you those perceptions are incorrect. Wii Music is not nearly as bad as the E3 crowd might have made it out to be. It's not perfect by any means, but it's not utter garbage.

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ChickeyCantor3622d ago

Finally someone being a bit more mature about this game.
Read and it makes sense!

jorgeanaya0003622d ago

Yeah, I get what you mean!

TruthbeTold3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

My beef with this game is that this sort of thing is where Nintendo's main focus is right now. Not just their primary focus, nearly their only focus. I have no problem with the creation of such a game. But I do have a problem with the attitude of : "Here's Mario, Zelda, and Smash bros. Now go away for a while and don't expect anything you like from us while we milk the waggle-fest idea." It's annoying and insulting since my personal bottom line is that I actually would like to spend more money on Nintendo products.

Alvadr3622d ago

This game lookss so kiddy Nintendo.. But this crap sells and works for them. They will never win back the real gamer, but they dont care. They are a business making billions.

ape0073622d ago

nail in the head


BrotherNick3622d ago

Same tired argument. This game isn't for us, so why should it matter that they're working on this? You have such a large choice of games from other devs on other systems it shouldn't matter.

ChickeyCantor3621d ago

Exactly, this game was never meant for you.
But that doesn't mean it's the end of the world.