God of War 2 Videos

Two pretty neat vids showing our friend Kratos beating the crap out of some kind of giant greek god statue.

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Raist3659d ago

That's what the PS2 section on this site is for you know, post PS2 news.

GoW 2 looks like a solid game, and probably better than some so called next gen games.

If you don't like PS2 news, you're not forced to read em :)

mephixto3659d ago

Ignore the 8 years Troll

power of Green 3659d ago

8 year old?, troll?!. lol PS loser's geting offended calling people names in a rabbid fashion and your calling me eight!. lol

power of Green 3659d ago

You god dam Sony game gollums and your PS-Ring need to chill out and get some mental help. Have a nice day.

InMyOpinion3659d ago

I think it's nice to see other news than the usual "Blu-ray sold this much" and "Hd-dvd gets support from blah blah" etc. At least this is game related =)

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