RUMOR: Diablo III to be out before Starcraft II?

GameXtract writes "Yeah, I don't see how it's possible either, especially since Activision Blizzard employees have already stated to the press in one form or another that Starcraft II will be out before Diablo III. But, according to Battleforum's anonymous tip from Blizzard, this may not be the case."

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Le-mo3448d ago

That's true, but we don't know how far into development Starcraft 2 is. For all we know it might be in the polishing stage, which could explain the lack of people working on the project (If the rumor is true) while the rest of the teams are working on Diablo III.

Saint Sony3448d ago

Both of these titles are on top 5 in my must have list. So does not really matter which one comes first.

thehitman3448d ago

Talking about taking that out of proportion. That just means SC is closing in development and means D3 is in middle and needs more work which means more people. And d3 is a way bigger game than sc2. I heard rumors about a sc2 appearance early next year d3 isnt going to show until late 2009 if that.