Is This *Really* a Boomerang Controller Mod?

Kotaku writes: "Reader Wakka sent this one in - a purported boomerang PS3 controller mod that's getting love on a few boards and hack forums. But ... looking closely, did this guy really find a controller that already approximated the boom's shape and finish the rest of the job with Bondo? Back in January, we told you about a Chinese knockoff of the boomerang that was making the rounds at CES. Both pics are on the jump. You make the call!"

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Killjoy30003599d ago

I've seen this before. I actually liked the original Boomerang design. Wouldn't it be nice if Sony came out with this controller as a peripheral? I certainly wouldn't mind picking it up.

rushbd3599d ago

:D bring on that official boomerang controller sony :D

Killjoy30003599d ago

Thanks, lol I thought I was 1 in like 50 people who liked it. Bubbles.

farhsa20083599d ago

no you certainly are not, i would love one of those, how do i contact this guy if i wanted to buy one from him? anyone know?

Microsoft_Spokesman3599d ago

Holy crap, I know this guy on Playstation Forums. To go to flame his post.

ONYX7373599d ago

If some one gave me this controller I would throw it away but it would just keep coming back. I wouldn't mind having the original boomerang controller just as a collectors item.

Cajun Chicken3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I love the way Sony used to wind up people about the fabled official boomerang controller as standard whenever a new console comes out. So far people have fell for it twice! LOL
A third time with PS4, or will they send out mock-ups of a Frisbee shaped controller later this gen?

Quite a neat ongoing joke, really. Much like the way 'Giant Enemy Crab' has entered popular culture since.

PirateThom3599d ago

Actually, they were going to use it, it was presented on stage and everything, but there was so much backlash, they last minute switched to the more standard controller.

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