Zune 120 & 16 Hardware Review

One of the things I really appreciate about the Zune is every time the Zune gets a firmware update, its like a brand new device. Even the old school Zune 30's function just as any of the new hardware after the 3.0 firmware update. Like I mentioned way back in the very first Zune 1.0 review, the Zune development shares a lot of characteristics of the Xbox 360 where the software drastically improves the functionality extending the life of the device. If you think about it this make sense since Microsoft has always taken the position of being a software company, not a hardware company.

While I will get into the 3.0 software when it is released in a few days, this review is aimed to show off the new hardware in a lot of great pictures as well as point out the subtle differences in finishes and accessories with the new hardware.

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