Official: Severity is NOT Cancelled

That Gaming Site writes: Yesterday we informed our readers that upcoming game "severity" was cancelled, today we were contacted by a developer of the game who confirmed the opposite was true!

Hit the jump to see what the developer had to say!

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TrevorPhillips3596d ago

good to hear that the game isn't cancelled

Mc Fadge3596d ago

I've never heard of it before ._.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3596d ago

This is an FPS funded by and intended for Cyberathlete Professional League play. It is being developed by Escalation studios, with the help of Tom Mustaine. They are going for PC release of course, with talks of a PS3 and 360 version being made also...

If you ask me, CPL and and professional gaming is a joke. If this game is really legit and competitive though, it might change my mind.

TheColbertinator3596d ago

Talk about a mess-up.But if this game does'nt have any new info or screens,it will be forgotten all over again.

Mc Fadge3596d ago

It needs old ones to begin with :/

TheColbertinator3596d ago

Right.I could'nt find the old screens but IGN had some info on it

I read about it on PC Gamer years ago but I thought it was cancelled until this article came up

Le-mo3596d ago

The hell is Severity?

TrevorPhillips3596d ago

its a fps game which was suppose to be released but i think they might be still workin on it

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