McDonald's LEGO Batman Toys in the Wild

Kim Fidler from writes: I happened to be out and about earlier today when I came across the newest line of toys at McDonald's. We told you about the LEGO Batman series earlier this month and it appears that they are now officially available. Check the picture I snapped above to see what you can score yourself when you pretend that you're buying a Happy Meal for your imaginary child.

This is one of those marketing campaigns that really does prove how big the LEGO series of games have become. Anyone planning on grabbing some of these?

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Jamegohanssj53541d ago

I will buy happy meals and throw them away, then keep the toys.


Panthers3540d ago

your throwing away the best part!

mmmmmm cheese burgers...

Johnny Rotten3541d ago

the McDonalds toys look cheap, I seen them on the hyway on the way back home from summer holiday.