Overclocker Cafe: HIS Radeon HD4870x2 (2GB Memory) Review

Overclocker Cafe writes: "HIS is the latest manufacturer to release a dual processor card based on the extremely successful HD4870 GPU. The HD4800 series have flat taken NVidia's crown away as each card pushes pixels and does so without breaking the bank. ATi's smelling blood in the water continues the pursue NVidia with an update of the dual processor HD3870x2 card we saw last Christmas. The new no holds barred dual HD4870 card dubbed the R770 is a screamer. Not only does it have two HD4870 processors on a single board but it also sports two gigs of memory. This card looks to deal another hard blow to NVidia.

The good people at HIS have seen fit to hook us up with this card that has been crowned the performance King bar none in some places for us to have a first hand go with. Hold your nose and let's jump in."

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