Muslim Massacre Creator Apologises And Pulls Game

John from Negative Gamer writes:

"The highly controversial indie game "Muslim Massacre" has been pulled from the net by its creator in an attempt to say "sorry" for any offence caused.

In a statement issued on the game creator's home page, Sigvatr (internet name), who also makes the [...] webcomic Electric Retard, apologises for misinterpreted intentions."

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wardrox3444d ago

I'm curious, do people think this is a genuine apology, a whole new level of joke, or just limiting the hate?

mohib-uddin79865323444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

A swedish man drew a comic of prophet mohammed (pbuh) and portrayed him as a dog (and one of swedens biggest newspaper let it be published with no censroship as a form of freedom of speech)

al qaeda the next week offered a $100,000 for the person who kills him and $150,000 if he is beheaded on a video. It should be a few more days before this guy is targeted

the US and Swedish governement offered secret service protection to this man (which is pathetic). if any of you know where this man lives please tell me his called Lars Vilks a university lecturer

This is what he looks like


Also this guy "the one who created the game" should have a bounty on his head soon! ! !

wardrox3444d ago

Though, if the apology is to be believed, the game is satire so it's not quite the same.

After playing it, it's about on par with South Park tbh.

Kyur4ThePain3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

So what?
To a non-Muslim there might be absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Just because you believe in something does NOT mean others can't point at you and laugh.
Just go about your business.

"if any of you know where this man lives please tell me Lars Vilks"

Why? So you can go and kill someone in the name of religion?
Fking stupid if you ask me. Organized religion WILL be the end of Man kind. Mark my words.

mohib-uddin79865323444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

This man is a university lecturer and at his university he was drawing pictures of mohammed (pbuh) as a dog

he tought many to do the same

however his drawing where later rejected from his university becuase they thought it would lead to violence

I am angry that this man is getting secret protection "which cost the swedish and US governemnt millions of dollars" but am not that angry about that part.

just that i feel he should not exist in this world becuase he is racist

Kyur4ThePain3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Really? That's what your "religion" teaches you? Kill those who do not agree with you?
You need help.


Ok, now it's clear you're just mess around. Your posts are reported as spam.

mohib-uddin79865323444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

His form of fredom of speech is dangerous to this planet as well as islam

if he was dead it would be JUSTICE !

if islam did not do anythign about his comics it would be a form of injustice. that we muslims commited by not silencing this man.

islam teaches to defend. it does not say kill those that dont agree with u. we must interpret the quran our own way

xaphanze3444d ago

I'm Muslim,but it's not the kind of action I would take.Not all Islams are the same. Sadly many are brainwashed. Killing someone for offending is will never bring us justice, but this kind of act is intolerable. What would he feel if I drew his mom and made fun of her?Is that freedom of speech? That is being offensive and plain stupid. Keep your stupid offensive comments to yourself. It's not like I go around the street cursing people and their religion just because I have my freedom of speech.

wardrox3444d ago

The right too free speech does not grant the right to be listened too.
If he made something that people found interesting, you shouldn't get in the way of that. If you would like to put forth the counter augment,then you can do that.

If you are not trying to counter, but trying to block, then that is kinda going against the right to free speech.

Nobody is forcing anybody to play this game, in the same way nobody forced anyone to look at those harmless cartoons.

TradingWarStories3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

I too am muslim, firstly I dont think terrorism is right, nor do I encourage it, never have never will but what I do encourage is defending Islam, just because he drew a picture of the Prophet Muhammed PBUH doesnt mean he should get away with it, he should be punished... no not by beheadin him nor killing him, sending him to jail would be my prefered punishment. Furthermore we see Muhammed PBUH not just as a Prophet but an idol someone to follow in the footsteps of.

This man has no right to be drawing pictures of the prophet Muhammed PBUH also because it is haram(illegal) to be drawing pictures of prophets or god in Islam.

On topic / Good, however they should also remove the other racially descriminating games, that are offending all religions not just Islam.

| Come on gimme more disagree's like I care, just shows how ignorant you people are to religions, people are never happy even when you try to be fair and honest.

andron6663444d ago

at: mohib

What makes you think you have any right to punish non-religious people for their beliefs and opinions?

Neither have non-religious people any right to punish religious people for their beliefs and opinions.

In the west there is freedom of religion, but also from religion if you so prefer.

TradingWarStories3444d ago

Lets put it into something you would understand,

If someone drew a picture of someone you loved dearly, someone you would give your life for in a heartbeat, like your son,nephew,mom etc

What if someone drew a picture of them getting shot, a penis stuck up their anus mouth whatever, would you not want them to be punished ? Yes or No ?

xaphanze3444d ago

andron666, We know how the west is. It's not like we live in caves. As you can see,we're just like you ;). Gamers at least.

Non-religious people are free to be non-religious, but I don't think they are free to offend and make fun of someone dear to my heart.

TheExodus3444d ago

No RATIONAL person is going to get bent out of shape over a picture, song or videogame.

andron6663444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Religion is politics.

If religious people can decide what non-religious people can think and say, then they are essentially "right" and others wrong.

The muhammed drawings were not hate related. Being offended is no reason to bring on death threats.

EDIT I was mainly contesting the comment from mohib-uddin7986532.

Also rules within any religion (no pictures) has no meaning or use for those outside them.

Tsalagi3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

No rational, intelligent person would want someone to go to jail over a drawing or picture. Defending and being proud of your religion is one thing but ignoring the freedom of speech and expression granted by any nation to impose punishment on a person (no matter the severity) because essentially your feelings were hurt is asinine. If anything you calling for a man to be put in jail over a game or drawing is doing nothing but enforcing the stereotype of Muslims as barbaric savages who will kill or dismember you for the slightest infraction.

TradingWarStories3444d ago

so your trying to say drawing bad things about religions icons should be allowed..?

Imagine if it was Jesus they would never have let it been published, and that guy would have gone jail for even trying to have it published.

moses3444d ago

What are you talking about? People make fun of Christianity ALL THE TIME, much much much MUCH more so then any other religion. I mean come on, what about raptor jesus? No one gives a s*** anymore, if it was back in the middle ages you would have been burnt at the stake, but now Christianity has mellowed out.

Tsalagi3444d ago

"so your trying to say drawing bad things about religions icons should be allowed..?"

It's disrespectful but by no means do i advocate prison or punishment for a person choosing to do so. They have the right to criticize and make fun of a religion and you have the right to ignore it or voice your distaste for their work. Denying human rights by limiting freedom of expression is something that belongs in more barbaric times and has no place in the modern world.

" Imagine if it was Jesus they would never have let it been published, and that guy would have gone jail for even trying to have it published. "

As a non-religious person it would have no bearing on me. A simple google search however will yield just as many sites poking fun at Christianity and Judaism. None of those people have been sent to jail. That's because they have the right to express themselves however they choose, regardless if another person or group disagrees with them.

Now you tell me this. If some religion was instituted worldwide that made anything pertaining to Islam punishable by death how would you feel? Would you argue for freedom to practice your religion as you saw fit or would you willing go to jail and be executed?

Panipal20053443d ago

What a cowardly, cringing move. What message does this send out, that we should do what people who would like to kill us or force us to submit to their braindead religion want us to?

Yes, I said braindead of Islam. In fact I'm not even going to say Islam anymore, I'm just going to say braindeath. Islam=braindeath

JsonHenry3443d ago

I think the guy should release it on his own site and use his own bandwidth.

I am so sick of f-cking muslims thinking just because they were offended by someone it gives them the right to kill/silence/remove anyone and anything they want.

andron6663443d ago

Remember the Life of Brian film?

This goes for all religion, christian or muslim. You just have to turn the other cheek and endure the "insults".

Just as we have to "endure" your religious beliefs...

ravinash3443d ago

Firstly, if I'm not getting my wires crossed with something else...were these the drawing of Mohammad with the turban the shape of a bomb?
That was a dutch guy, a dutch newspaper and the dutch government.
So here you are making the same generalizations this guy made by saying anyone in that area of the world. Its like crossing your cultures between Iran and Iraq, both share a history but they are completely different countries.
Its people like you who don't bother to learn anything about people and other cultures that puts us in this situation in the first place.
You are no better than the person who created these pictures, the only difference here is there no fundamentalist group paying to get your blood.

Secondly, the whole idea of free speech is that its can't pick and choose what people are going to say. Because no matter what you say there will always be someone who disagrees with you.
And like it or not, when member of your community (be it Muslim, Jewish, christian or whatever) make acts of violence, then your going to draw the worlds attention to you. And people are going to say what they think.

N a s i m3443d ago

allah akbar. the streets will run red with all of these infidel's blood. we muslims are very peaceful and long that you are muslim. if not, we will kill you.

Ital50Stal3443d ago

Download the game and its actually not that bad lol..Its something out of the early '90s but it is still entertaining

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IzKyD13313444d ago

this guys is the definition of a-hole, he didn't know creating a game called "Muslim Massacre" would be offensive?

Pebz3444d ago

Good that it came to this rather than a ban.

We should all be VERY careful about promoting censorship, no matter how good the cause may seem.

Hateful material is a symptom, not a cause, thus removing it will not solve much. It will however empower censorship and words can easily be manipulated to suit a purpose. Just look at how the word occupation became "liberation".

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin

sak5003444d ago

HAHAHAHHA i bet he got a call or email from al qaeda.

clevernickname3444d ago

Yeah, that's hilarious.


ForROME3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

He just needs to name it

Islamic Extreamist or something such as that, then I would play it.

Pebz3444d ago

You are uncomfortable playing it now, but a simple renaming would change that?

Call a spade a spade.

andron6663444d ago

And called the enemies aliens there would be no problem, so...

I don't think the hate factor was high in this game, it was more poor taste and judgment. I mean in rap music you can sing about shooting cops, and in black metal they sing about killing christians. It's all freedom of speech...

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