NHL 09 disc error also known as the cache time-bomb

Xbox Fanboy writes: "Sports fans, grab the tissues because the tears are about to start flowing. Users on the official EA Sports forum are reporting widespread disc read error issues with NHL 09 -- over time. Many users are reporting the popular hockey franchise works as advertised during the initial play through but eventually crashes after loading saved modes or regular games once the Xbox 360 reboots.

While EA has yet to release an official statement regarding the problem users have found success with two bandaid solutions -- which point to cache problems in the game. According to the EA Forum users clearing the cache of the Xbox 360 and disabling the auto-save feature in NHL 09 may help fix the problem but as gamers play more of the game the issue returns."

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Microsoft_Spokesman3571d ago

LOL Another xbox 360 game bites the dust.

SteveBallmer SonyRep3571d ago

ill add it to the list!t im out of ink !

Microsoft_Spokesman3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Hold on, let me do a press statement on that.

-To get the joke, read my name.

Microsoft_Spokesman3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

We, Microsoft, have to apologize for the gaming community for another glitch filled and problem filled game. We assure that are staff are slowly taking their d!cks out of their mouths and their hands out of their pants and trying to fix this issue. There is no guarantee that this will be fixed tomorrow, or even the day after tomorrow. But we'll promise you that we will release a patch for this before the XBox 720 comes out. Although, we will only fix the problems that will come with the patch with or after the release of our toas- XBox 1440. Thank you and Jump ou- Jump in.

Also, Ballmer has ran out of ink. We will try to order a new package of ink and sell it to him for a cheap price of 79.99 per drop. Thank you for understanding.

EDIT: Also, to Mr.MART, Bill Gates said to bring condoms when you come over to his house tomorrow.

juuken3571d ago

....*falls over laughing*

Bubbles, bubbles!

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KobeT243571d ago

I cant tell if its the 360 or EA's fault. Should have had mandatory installs, and this would never have happened.

GameOn3571d ago

It's obviously EA's fault. Saying it's Microsoft's fault is like saying the fVck ups with Metal Gear On-line are Sony's fault.

But that's just my opinion. This is EA after all .

claney3571d ago

could be a coding error or could just be xbox360 cache cant handle it

GameOn3570d ago

EA should have taken the cache into account, where are all the other games that suffer from this problem.

InfiniteUnfloppery3571d ago

Indeed,the Xbox 360 is a Flop Console

InfiniteUnfloppery3571d ago

Please continue Shafting the Xbots on a Daily Basis

Thank you.

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The story is too old to be commented.