PC Prespective: Intel X25-M 80GB Solid State Hard Drive Review

PC Prespective writes: "We have known that Intel intended to enter the solid state hard drive market for nearly a year and finally got confirmation at Computex in June when Intel had their SSDs at work with the first Nehalem demo systems. We didn't know much about how Intel planned on releasing these products, what sizes, what prices, etc - but now we have all of those answers.

At IDF last month Intel finally let all the details spill out about their SSD plans. For the mobile and desktop applications, and the drives you will most likely be buying, Intel has two form factors: one 2.5" and the other 1.8" both with standard SATA data and power connectors. Each is used in different mobile configurations while desktop users will likely find only 2.5" to 3.5" adaptors for their chassis. These models will be known as the Intel X25-M and the Intel X18-M, respectively.

From a physical stand point the Intel X25-M solid state drive is really nothing different - the form factor is your typical 2.5" hard drive."

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