Xbox 360 Alone in the Dark worth patching with PS3 enhancements?

From the article: "Alone in the Dark (2008) is a revamped and re-imaged version of the cult classic franchise that was recently released on the Xbox 360 this past June. The game received mixed reviews, with scores as low as 3.5 from IGN and 6.5 from Gamespot. Eden Games is currently working on releasing a heavily modified version of the game onto the PS3 with the goal of addressing many of the complaints from the Xbox 360 version.

The main complaints from the Xbox 360 version of Alone in the Dark (AITD) were due to the outlandish control scheme, convoluted inventory system and problematic vehicle controls. Eden Games indicated that the development teams have listened to the feedback of the review sites and from the consumers on the message boards as well."

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HeavyweightInTheGame3566d ago

But, I'd get it for sure if they patched this game. I'm sure that there are many people sitting on the fence about this game until they patch it. Game seems alright from the demo, but I'd rather play the game at the best performance.

Wolf8733566d ago

I mean give it a chance, the guys over there are trying to fix up whats wrong with the game. Even with those bugs, the game is very innovative in many aspects and quiet ambitious if I may say so. But don't just say "the game sucks!" and be done with it. I don't whether this hatred is because of some errors or the fact that 360's patch is still in question, but even so, the game is a nice rent and play for now.