360 and PS3 FIFA 09 would only run on "1-3% of PCs"

Videogaming247 Writes:

"The PC version of FIFA 09 is different to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions because of the CPU processing power required for the architecture of the game."

"The majority of gamer's PC's do not have enough CPU processing power for this architecture, so FIFA09 on PC has been built to have the best possible graphics and gameplay engine while still being accessible to as many fans of the game as possible. If the architecture was identical to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, FIFA09 on PC would only be accessible to 1-3% of the PC systems on the market."

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Muddyalcapones3593d ago

so translation = PS3/Xbox360 have better graphics than 97-99% of PCs? im confused

Kyur4ThePain3593d ago

What they're saying is that only 3% of people have PCs that are as powerful (or more) than the Ps3 / 360.
The other 97% have crappy PCs.

JsonHenry3593d ago

Yeah right. There is NO WAY machines that have only 512megs of RAM (total including video RAM) and video cards that were outdated in 2005 cannot play a game at or below a native resolution of 1024*720 is too hard for all but 3% of PCs...

I wish these people were made to prove their statements as being true before they are allowed to put up for everyone to read and take as fact.

GVON3593d ago

"The PC version of FIFA 09 is different to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions because of the CPU processing power required for the architecture of the game"

no it's just saying the cpu's are far more powerfull than most peoples pc cpu's,nothing to do with ram or gpu's

Sitdown3592d ago

It's obvious that you did not ready the article....when looking at his statement, it seems that he was obviously saying that only 1-3% of users that will be playing FIFA on the pc have upgraded their computers in order to be able to handle it. Think about how many low end computers Wal-Mart sales........then consider how many people have not upgraded their computer since 2005. There is only a small group of people that update their computers regularly.......while you have a large group who use the same computer until it completely dies on them....add in the lack of people wanting to upgrade to vista, it is obvious that not many people have gotten the proper equipment since 2005.

shazam3592d ago

that 90 percent of pcs have a single core cpu that doesnt even run at 3.2ghz. how on earth is that going to keep up with even the 360's triple core cpu let alone the freakin cell processor. seriously jason henry is a ridiculously huge pc fan. he thinks that everyone buys a new $1000 dollar pc or $1000 dollars worth of upgrades every year like him. he is in the vast minority.

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Ice2ms3593d ago

48% of facts are complete BS I'm guessing this is one of them

cemelc3593d ago

Facts are not BS, if they were BS they wouldnt be facts.

TheIneffableBob3593d ago

Well, then 42% of statistics are false.

GameOn3593d ago

most facts are not facts at all, they are just peoples opinions passed off as fact.

Dr_Nefarious3593d ago

the mighty pc has struck again!

Sangria3593d ago

In my opinion, any fan of FIFA / PES series played it on a console and still play it on console, i don't even get why there is a PC version of that.

Fishy Fingers3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

You can always link your PC to your HDTV and play with pads (either PS or Xbox, both available).

I do it. Play the consoles to, but some of my friends only have a PC.

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