Exclusives: A dying trend

GameXtract writes "Well what a surprise. Capcom has declared that all major titles that they're making are to be multiplatform games for the next fiscal year. Is that really that big a surprise? I mean, really. With titles like Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5, and Street Fighter IV going multi, one could only ponder if console exclusivity was going to be in the developer's future…"

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Rick Astley3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

For Microsoft, at least. Sony has the most exclusives as always. How many 360 exclusives can YOU list? And yes I do mean exclusive as in Xbox 360 exclusive, not PC and 360 exclusive (that doesn't even make any sense, seeing how the PC IS a platform making those 360 games multi-platform). Well?

cemelc3475d ago

Exclusives for the 360 are a dying breed this days

Breakfast3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

How many AAA exclusives does Sony have right now?


Keep your plethora of AA exclusives.


Aclay3475d ago

@ Breakfast

How many AAA exclusive games have the 360 gotten this year? NONE.

None of the PS3's good exclusives are garbage, MGS4 is one of the highest rated exclusive games. I consider Uncharted Drakes Fortune a AAA PS3 exclusive as well, and the PS3 has more than just one AAA exclusive.

mikeslemonade3475d ago

And the quality games that do ground breaking gameplay elements are also a dying trend. Keep up with the money gouging tactics Square Enix and Capcom.

Bubble Buddy3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Well to be fair, some PS3 titles are 1-3 points from averaging 90+ (Hmm I wonder why?)

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots: 93
Ratchet And Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction: 89
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: 88
Ninja Gaiden Sigma: 88
Resistance: Fall Of Man: 87

Warhawk is definitely a AAA game with all the map packs and extra content and you will agree if you've played the game with all the updates. And coming up shortly:

Resistance 2
Little Big Planet
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation
Killzone 2
etc etc.

360 didn't have one AAA game so far and only has 5 exclusive titles rated 90+ not counting XBL games and will lose Bioshock making it 4.
Honestly, only games I'm looking forward to is Gears and Fable 2. Banjo is most likely a rental or borrowing from a friend and where's Alan Wake and Splinter Cell? And Rick is right about the exclusive to consoles and PC's...

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reincarnated3475d ago

i got a ps3 so this doesnt concern me one bit

Jamie Foxx3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

...greatest rapper ever in my opinion i know the biggie fans will disagree

@breakfast uncharted is as AAA as they come

Breakfast3475d ago

Assassin Creed
The list goes on and on. Pretty big names there.



mfwahwah3474d ago

Breakfast: Weren't we talking about exclusives? wth are you trying to get at? I'm legitimately confused.

PotNoodle3475d ago

Sony are always looking into the future, hence the reason they have never really bought exclusives from third parties, they may fund some studios once these studios do say they will do it exclusive for their console but sony are really focusing on building thier first and second party studio's instead of gunning for 3rd party exclusives.

Microsoft need to start working on some first party CONSOLE development teams if they don't want to keep spending millions just to get an exclusive deal, as for nintendo - meh they've always had rubbish 3rd party support and always sold big on their first party games.

Anyway yeah, i'm glad 3rd party exclusives are dying - there are some amazing 3rd party exclusive games that people cannot afford to play simply because they cannot afford the other console, this way maybe people won't be missing out some amazing experiences like mgs4, etc.

Of course though, there may be 3rd party exclusives in the future due to the fact some may be only possible on a certain console, not pointing any fingers of course as i don't see 3rd party exclusives dying till at least midway through the next generation.

reincarnated3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

go troll somewhere else breakfast

Breakfast3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I think not. :)

lol...what i said was true, too.


Skip_Bayless3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Breakfast, stop being a stubborn child. Just know the fact the 360 has the weakest 1st party therefore they only have a handful of real exclusives. You got nothing outside of Halo, Gears, Rare developer, Peter Moleneux and that's about it. Everything else is fair game to be multiplatform. It looks like you made the mistake of buying the wrong system.

cemelc3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

What you just named like 6 multiplat games

And if we go that way then lets start:

Resistance 1.
Folklore(before you said this game is crap or something IGN gave it 9 so in my book AAA).
Heavenly Sword.

An in December the numbers grow a lot compared to the Xbox 360.

Kyur4ThePain3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Jesus, break-fast (apt name, BTW), you seem really butt hurt by this.

Now post twice more so we can have a decent convo.

Go on...just one more.

Breakfast3475d ago

Im only giving you, want you want.


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plain rice3475d ago

Say thanks to Microsoft.

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