Futurelooks: GIGABYTE Radeon HD 4850 512MB GDDR3 Video Card Review

Futurelooks writes: "It's hard to justify spending over $500 just to get a single game like Crysis to run. However, that's just what we've been doing over the last while as NVIDIA pretty much had the run of the market place, pushing out GPUs at unheard of price points, punishing gamers and their wallets. Then things changed in June this year as AMD released a new series of GPUs starting with their 4850. NVIDIA's response? Cut prices like crazy and hope that people would ignore AMD. However, as benchmarks and reviews started showing up, it was clear that NVIDIA had more to worry about than just price points."


* Sub $200 price point makes a second mortgage unnecessary
* Great playable performance in games new and old
* Some of the best image quality that I've seen in a while


* At this price and this level of performance, really none. If I had to make something up, maybe GIGABYTE could throw in a game?

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