CSM: Didj Custom Gaming System Review

CSM Writes:

"But Leapfrog made some tradeoffs when designing this system. Unlike the Leapster, this system does not have a touch-sensitive screen. Instead, the Didj reverts to a complex button-pushing system, typically found in earlier game systems. The question of how good this new system will be ultimately depends on how good the games are that play on the system. Jet Pack Heroes, the free game that comes with the system, is just average fare. It plays like a slow-moving Mario-type side-scrolling game where the educational content has been placed on top of the gaming experience. You stop the gaming to answer educational questions. Educational content works better when it is baked into the gameplay and doesn't feel like an add-on. But what's worst in Jet Pack Heroes is that the game does not allow you to save your progress as you play through the 15 side-scrolling levels. That's a real turn-off."

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