Times Online Review: Falcon - get to grips with a real gaming experience

Times Online writes: "This device threatens to blow the cosy world of PC gaming wide open - and could sound the death knell for the traditional joypad or mouse. Novint, the American maker, says that the list of titles signed up to work in tandem with the Falcon includes the classy Half-Life 2 first-person-shooter series, the top-ranked Tiger Woods 2008 golf game and World of Warcraft, the ubiquitous online fantasy adventure.

As a gizmo, the Falcon looks pretty sci-fi in its own right. Novint calls it "a small robot that lets you experience true virtual touch". It's best described as a squashed orb with three arms that are all connected to a front-mounted grip that players move with their hand up to 4in in any direction."

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