EA's Cleanup Over Spore is Going to Be Big. Real Big

Mashable writes: "To sum up, the debut of Spore was met with ample applause and plenty of discussion about the Johnny-play-god element of the evolutionary process. All in good fun, of course. The last several days of Spore's official real-world introduction have also been chock-full of a pretty astonishing level of spite leveled at Electronic Arts for presenting buyers of the $50 title with restrictive DRM. It's been reported that EA has allowed for a total of 3 unique activations per consumer for use of the product."

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MK_Red3478d ago

DRM is just stupid. I know people that want to buy a game but when they hear a game has DRM, they instead go download / torrent the game. This thing is actually helping the piracy instead of stopping it. I know piracy caused this but this is too much and it is an insult to gamers that pay for real and legit games.

dragunrising3478d ago

The DRM only allows for one. EA said they were amending the manuals to the game to fix the typo. Pretty bad any way you look at it. Pirating the game however won't make DRM go away. Don't buy the game if you don't like the DRM. This will send a better message to EA that DRM hurts legit purchases.

Raf1k13478d ago

i couldnt wait to buy this game

and then i heard u could only install it 3 times so i didnt bother

but im wonderin, if i was to buy the real thing, would it be legal for me to then download a cracked version?

Perjoss3478d ago

In my opinion, if you have payed full price for a game and for whatever reason you are unable to play it anymore (maybe your disk is lost, maybe you have installed 3 times and cant install it anymore) I think you are entitled to get it again from torrent, as long as you have not traded the game or sold it etc. Of course this is against the law, but everyone abides by the law to whatever degree they feel like.

I used to pirate games myself, but I've had a lucky break career wise and I can afford to buy games now so I do, especially PC games. In the rare case that a game does not have a demo and I really want to check it out before buying I will still torrent and then buy if I like, but I wont play the whole game in torrent form, I can usually tell from the first few mins of playing if I want the game or not.

I really really hope they can find a reasonable way to reduce piracy on the PC as it is an awesome platform, makes me sad to see it in the state it is today :(

jay23478d ago

If you have a retail disc, you're NOT breaking any laws, but to tell you the truth, it gets repedative. and boring, I'm on the space stage and can't be bothered to finish it.

Fux4Bux3478d ago

DRM is such a joke. Steam is an example of right way to go.

When you can download a cracked DRM free version a WEEK BEFORE the actual release, the system has proved a failure.

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