Western Digital's 2.5-inch to hit 1TB by early 2010

WD has just announced that it has started volume shipping its 500GB 2.5-inch Scorpio Blue drive, a notebook drive with 250GB per platter and a 5,400rpm spin speed. Seagate expects to ship its half terabyte 2.5-incher before the end of the year.

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MURKERR3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

so will my PS3!

sony really thought ahead when designing the ps3 soo much so the only difference the next released next-gen cosole (next xbox will be first to the market) will not be much different from the ps3 in features apart from a stronger graphics chip thats how well thought out the ps3 is.

strotee3416d ago

With 100/200 GB Blu-ray discs on the horizon, will it just require a firmware update for the PS3 to support larger discs or would one need to physically replace the drive?

(serious question)

pwnsause3416d ago

well according to Hitachi who created developed the 100gb Blu-Ray Discs, they stated the 100gb discs can be read on Regular BD drives, all it takes is a firmware update for the drive to read it. now beyond 100gb, we dont know.

BTW BD-live, aka BD profile 2.0 is now Manadatory BTW.

karlostomy3416d ago

and a price reduced ps3 to $199
and I WILL buy a ps3.

In 2010.

Does that mean 2010 is the year of the ps3?

arika3416d ago

Middle of next year a terabyte on my ps3. hhmmm... I'm drooling with anticipation.... SWEET! I guess for now I can go with a 500 gigs. This is just one of the features that makes ps3 future proof...

SmokingMonkey3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

already got a WD scorpio in my PS3, by the time that tera byte WD comes out it will be time for me to upgrade. I love my PS3. LBP here we come!

Iceberg0323416d ago

I could have 1TB on my PS3!!Microsoft want's to preach that downloads are the future when thier biggest hardrive for the 360 is 120gb or something like that but you can't put 1TB on your PS3,action's speak louder than words!!

mfwahwah3416d ago

MS could always release a 1TB HDD. It'll just cost too much for most people.

agentace3416d ago

yeah they could BUT do you have a spare million or 2 lieing around to pay for it??

Sitdown3415d ago

Microsoft's current hdd size is 120gb and Sony's current for the ps3 is 80gb? Sony is not offering this drive, but giving you the ability to have a bigger lets get that straight first. Next, before you get all excited about 1 TB on your ps3.....first let it become a reality, before you start bragging. I would hate for their to be a compatibility issues. Also, just the way you are bragging, there will be plenty of 360 owners who will say that they can simply stream from their computer's hdd....and we have no clue what Microsoft's next move might/could be. With that said, depending on how the sales are for the Friday after Thanksgiving...I might pick up a bigger hdd for my ps3 then.

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The story is too old to be commented.