PlayStationLIfeStyle Reviews NFL Head Coach 09

BigPete7978 of PlayStationLifeStyle recently reviewed NFL Head Coach 09. Here is what he had to say on the game:

"If anyone remembers NFL Head Coach on the PS2 they will remember how bad it was. The series has such a good premise, but it always seems to come out flawed. So EA Sports decided to give this series one more game to add to it's short list. Question is did they improve it overall. Well in short the answer is yes, but before you rush out and buy the game you might want to realize it wasn't by much. So here it is, the review for NFL Head Coach 09 (I suppose the yearly number means they will start making them every year). First I will tell you what I liked, then disliked, and finally follow up with whether you should buy/rent/or stay away from this title. This review is short just to warn most of you all. The game is straight forward. You basically manage every tedious aspect that you could imagine of your team."

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