GamePro: Tug-o-War: Xbox 360 barely outsells PS3 in August

GamePro: It's back and forth between Microsoft and Sony, while Nintendo trumps both with more Wii sales than Xbox 360 and PS3 combined.

Xbox 360 won the latest round in the monthly battle with PlayStation 3 hardware sales, according to figures released by NPD today. Of course, both figures--195k for Xbox 360 and 185k sold of PS3--pale to the nearly half a million Wii consoles Nintendo moved.

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Crapbox3603413d ago


Dannagar3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

I don't even see it as Xbox 360 vs. PS3 anymore. Xbox 360 has moved on to take on Wii. All of Microsofts marketing show's little indication that they are trying to take on PS3. Why challenge Number 3 when you can take on number 1?

play_b3yond3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

"Why challenge number 3 when you can take on number 1".
Good laugh bubbles for you. Can you tell me how the hell xbox is gonna challenge #1. Their ass getting kicked by the ps3 right now and they will be kicked even harder next year. Can you name a few exclusives xbox has to offer next year. I mean real exclusives, not the ones coming to PC as well.

Drealmcc0y3413d ago

If sales equal quality, then wii must be the best system ever made then, and completly own the 360 and the PS3.
Cry about that fanboys

TheMART3413d ago

ass kicked by the PS3?

By what? Those 250k systems it sold more in the first half year of 2008? That won't make a difference really on a more then 5 mln. headstart the 360 has.

For sure when August the 360 outsold the PS3 even without the latest pricecut. Even better, in August it was already known the pricecut is coming so one would expect that people would wait to buy the 360 when the pricecut would be effective. And STILL it sold more then the PS3.

Wait untill September sales data is known. PS3 will get its ass kicked so hard.

Dannagar3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )


Microsoft didn't announce this years games last year because they didn't want to draw attention away from the games at hand (Halo 3, Mass Effect, BioShock, etc.). Ninja Gaiden II, Gears of War 2, Viva Pinata: TIP, Banjo 3 were all announced this same year.

As far as next year goes, I only know of Halo Wars, Ninja Blade, Velvet Assassin, Champions Online, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Alan Wake, Blue Dragon 2 (on a list for 2009), Mass Effect 2 (on a list for 2009), Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (on a list for 2009)and maybe Cry On. I'm sure Microsoft has plans for next year. I hardly think now would be the time to announce them.

As far as Xbox 360 getting "Their ass getting kicked by the ps3 right now." Yes, for the first time since it's launch in America, following the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 (the biggest PS3 game to date), PS3 out sold Xbox 360 for a 2 month period and I'm really happy for Sony. It's been a ruff ride for them in America. I do commend Sony for closing the gap between Xbox 360 and PS3 in Europe. However I see Microsoft targeting the Wii Market now.

play_b3yond3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

Xbox had a 8 Million lead at the end of 2007. Now it's only 5 million. Don't you call that getting kicked in the a$$. Now imagine how bad 360 will lose next year. From the end of 2007 until now PS3 only had a few exclusives and reduced the lead 360 had by 3 million. Next year PS3 will have a lot more AAA titles than this year and the 360 has nothing yet to offer. Don't you think it is going to be even worst next year.

In the last news I heard about Alan Awake, the producers said that they changed the name of the game to Alan Sleep. It might not even be out until the end of 2010. Mass Effect 2 is coming to PC as well and Splinter Cell is pushed into 2010. Blue Dragon 1 didn't do as everyone expected it, but we have to wait and see how it turns out. Velvet Assassin is also coming to the PC and Star Ocean: The Last Hope is not a 100% exclusive to the 360. It might also come out for PS3. Halo Wars I wouldn't really call it a strong exclusive like Halo because if you want to play Strategy games you would have a pc and if you have a pc you would have lots of strategy games to play you wouldn't even have time for Halo Wars.

Com'on this is not the time to run out of bubbles....NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Drealmcc0y3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

Play beyond
The only reason PS3 sells, is because it has playstation written on the side

Dannagar3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )


There's no denying that Playstation 3 closed the gap in Europe and has 2 million more systems in Japan. No one is denying that Playstation 3 out sold Xbox 360 in America for 2 months. Even with that, Xbox 360 is still the second best selling Next Generation system World Wide (behind Wii). It still has a higher attachment rate than PS3 in addition to Larger software sales. It has more exclusives and more software than PS3. Plus it's now at a mass marketable price point.

Hey, I'm going to be buying Little Big Planet and WipeOut HD this year for PS3. Cheers, go play your Playstation 3. It's my only day off and I have some games to finish.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
Barely!!! SO TRUE!!! ;-D

Can't believe people still buy the xBox 360 which is just a out of date POS P.C in a Box??? ;-D

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SeanScythe3413d ago

I still don't get Wii? Am I the only one that doesn't see any attraction to it. I mean at most I would only want a few select games. I'm not trying to talk bad about it I mean it has done outstanding, but I don't know why? I guess it's cheaper and compared to the PS3 and 360 parents see that as a selling point. But after you get the accessorys to play with friends and certain games you just spent nearly as much for the system it's self.

Props to Nintendo but....I just don't see the attraction.

HighDefinition3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

Being out for longer, being cheaper, supposably having more games, and this stat being from your "home" country. Beating the PS3 by 10K @ this point, isn`t really gonna be a celebration for MS. I`m excited to see September`s numbers. Should be interesting. Either way, expect more DRAMA than The Hills.

HighDefinition3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

I`m NOT joking. EVERYONE I know besides 1 person, has SOLD their WII.....and he`s 50 and doesn`t play it.


Agree 100%

Raptors3413d ago

Honestly...its just not for me. I have nothing against it, but personally its too "simple" for me. Im an AV techie and I love the options that the ps3 and 360 offer me.

plain rice3413d ago

I've been starting to play my Wii again. Let me tell you, the only game you'll ever need is WiiSports. :)

ShinMaster3413d ago

Which means PS3 DID outsell Xbox 360, period.

remanutd553413d ago

nintendo just need to bring more zelda games and they will have my money, zelda twilight princess was the main reason why i bought a wii and it was well worth it, i hope they bring another zelda soon cuz i havent really played my wii that much after zelda, a couple of mario strikers matches and mario kart wii and thats about it, but i knew it was gonna be this way (sonys machine getting most of my playtime cuz sony has almost all the games i want to play)

Gr813413d ago

About the PS3 also, not a whole lot of compelling games for a much higher price tag. Or the 360 with a severe lack of variety and hardware issues. What I'm saying is to each is own.

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Raoh3413d ago

look at it this way.. i no longer have my wii and am thinking about getting on line at the nintendo store in manhattan new york for one soon. again..

the holidays are coming.. no one wants to sit around and watch some hard core gamers play gears or metal gear solid..

even the casual games are a bit complicated for many people........


but on the wii, at my girlfriends brothers house at a family get together.. the parents of all the people there, mine, hers, her inlaws, etc played wii sports and a few other titles that day.. so much so that the elders were like little kids and had to be reprimanded for not setting an example to the kids when it comes to sharing...

at which point each parent vowed to get a wii... (getting one for my mom, when she says she is getting something it means she wants me to get her one LOL )

the wii is a great family system. and you dont need to really buy many games. all the only extra investment is an extra controller and stacks of batteries or rechargeable ones..

thats why the arcade 360 at $199 is a fail.. without a wiimote and wii sports its just a cheap 360

play_b3yond3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

My prediction for the end of 2009
Wii = 45 million
PS3 = 30 million
360 = 26 million (being a little kind towards xbox)

Xbox might not even get there. You know, they might decide to release xbox 720 next year and finish the 360's lifespam. MS always has a trick up their sleaves.
N4G writes: MS today announounced a new xbox 360 exclusive coming out in January 1 2009."
All the xboxt's get excited and do everything they did for Too Human and Infinite Undiscovery, jumb up and down on their bed and rub it into ps3 fanboys. Then on January 1 they all go to their local store to buy the 360 exclusive and you find out MS had changed their mind and decided to make another consol and sell it on that day. MS is tricky guys.

power of Green 3413d ago

You're stupid, the 360 is close to that now lol. Figures a moron called Playbeyond would find a story like this that has a header worded this way, does it make you feel good?

Trying to bait people to heat this rubbish up.

Eddy Gordo3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

Deleted comment

play_b3yond3413d ago

I know it is close to that number but let's face it. Who is gonna buy xbox after Gears of War 2 comes out? Answer is no one. Who would want to pass on Killzone 2, God of War 3, Kingdom Hearts 3, Grand Turismo 5, FF Versus 13, M.A.G and many other titles capable of being AAA and buy a 360 which doesn't have any AAA exclusive on it's way in 2009.

power of Green 3413d ago

What the 360 "barely" pulled off in AUG, doesn't matter anymore.

Sounds like a fanboy remark "barely" (before the price drop lol).

play_b3yond3413d ago

Yes "barely" and for those who don't know what it means:

Merriam Webster Dictionary
1 : in a meager manner : plainly <a barely furnished room>
2 : scarcely , hardly <barely enough money for lunch>

power of Green 3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

I didn't ask you what it meant my point was: A fanatical PS3 supporter comforts himself with the wording chosen by this media outlet. lol

PS3 got beat when it was supposedly picking up and the 360 was supposedly dying.

LOL at your attempt to fight due to your frustrations.

Like I said I'll sit back and laugh when next months numbers come in when thinking about how you're trying to comfort yourself.

It is a classic move to post news with suggestive messages in them that fits one's agenda(extremist) then scramble to post fanatical posts in the gamer or openzone trying to set the tone for conversation .

Skip_Bayless3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

Regardless of price drop every system this fall and winter except maybe the DS will have supply issues. Sony is smart because even with the current price of the system they cannot make enough. That is why a price drop is pointless in the holidays. Good strategy is dropping the price in the spring or summer to move hardware during the slow season. Last year there were weeks or months where PSP, PS3, 360 and Wii were soldout. Microsoft made the dumb move here unless they didn't think they would sell out at the currect price.

play_b3yond3413d ago

And I'm going to wait until the end of the year and laugh when PS3 outsells xbox.

thereapersson3413d ago

"I didn't ask you what it meant my point was: A fanatical PS3 supporter comforts himself with the wording chosen by this media outlet. lol"

Oh the irony, considering you're a fanatical 360 supporter. But it's okay, because in your eyes you're always right, eh?

BTW, I see you finally decided to post evidence in your avatar of the moneyhats Microsoft is sending your way for defending your console so valiantly on a meaningless website. Congrats!

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