Futurelooks: A-DATA EeePC 8GB SDHC and Turbo 266X 8GB Compact Flash Review

Futurelooks writes: ""When it comes to memory cards for our digital cameras and camcorders, we often think of them only when we run out of space. However, in reality, they are actually the most important part of our digital imaging aresenal. Think about it. If your memory card goes bad while you're shooting on vacation, all your memories can be lost simply because you chose to save a few bucks at the Chinese Night Market. Although there are many brands on the market, no other company has capitalized on the reliability and performance angle more than SANDISK and you pay for that reliability and performance at the cash register."


* Reliable after 60 days of constant use
* Good performance
* Priced extremely competitively (shop around)


* Long-term reliability is still undertermined
* May not be as high performance as industry standard cards in write speeds (CF)

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