Chex Quest 3 is Finished

TIG Writes: "Wow. 10 years since the incomplete Chex Quest 3 beta was released on Digital Café's website, Charles Jacobi (the original Chex Quest artist) has finally finished off this epic FPS trilogy! Chex Quest, a total conversion of Doom, was the first video game to be released in a cereal box, and garnered a relatively large cult following."

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Boldy3450d ago

Ha, Wow!!!! I so remember raking up hours on this game when I was little.

Prismo_Fillusion3450d ago

Amazing. I remember playing Chex Quest when my parents weren't looking. Good times, good times.

Cenobia3450d ago

This was like the best game I'd ever played when it came out. I couldn't believe it came free in a box of cereal.