News pics of "Lara Croft" Alison Carroll

The guys at PCGH spotted new real life pics of Alison "Lara Croft" Carroll. Worth a visit. Alison is doing a great job.

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sak5003571d ago

SHe's quite cute but doesnt have the strong tough looking face of Jole' to portray Lara.

Kyur4ThePain3571d ago

But she's a shtload more athletic than Angelina could ever dream to be.

Elven63571d ago

Id pick Carroll over Jolie any day!

Gamekilla3571d ago

in that she seems to be much better looking and flexible than jolie. However, one can't be blind to the fact that she won't bring in the millions that a jolie movie would, for the sole reason that jolie is quite popular, an established celebrity.

General Pinky3571d ago

and i would tell you that cos i live in the uk...there are better ones here...the old lara was better then this english chick

Elven63571d ago

Fishy Fingers: haha, I guess it really comes down to personal choice, I personally find Jolie unappealing and fake.

uxo223571d ago

I guess you're right because I find that picture of AJ to be pretty Hot! The other girl looks like a golf course club house clerk. :)

DemiT3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

who agrees?

JsonHenry3570d ago

Unlike Jolie, this girl DOES NOT look like a drag queen and actually has some muscle tone to her.

SullyDrake3570d ago

And personally I don't consider Jolie that pretty... I dunno, she just doesn't appeal to me. I may get hate for this, but I think even pre-K Fed Britney was prettier.

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KiddyBrownTurd3571d ago

Come on, I just woke up. My penis needs more rest from lastnight's session.

Elven63571d ago

haha that's funny, I bubble you for making me laugh!

solsub3571d ago

Does she come with the car?

solsub3571d ago

I'm glad someone got the reference ;)

SullyDrake3567d ago

If not, she'll come in the car.

Killjoy30003571d ago

This chick is honestly average. I've had girlfriends way hotter than her.

Killjoy30003571d ago

I'm in no means talking about body, but her face is just...I don't know.Forgive me if I'm coming off as arrogant.

3571d ago
diegodon3571d ago

I agree, there's just something about her that's.. meh.

spandexxking3571d ago

i agree with killjoy. pretty average.

Killjoy30003571d ago

You guys must live in a desolate country with barely any p*ssy, because here in the states, there's plenty of the fe-male to go after. You'd be surprised. There's girls here that are twice as hot as Paris Hilton.

kitzuki3571d ago

I completely agree with you

Ivix3570d ago

4.6: I sure hope so. Paris Hilton is quite ugly.

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The story is too old to be commented.