No DLC planned for The Conduit, may be available in sequel

Nintendo Everything: Rob Nicholls from High Voltage Software, in an audio interview with Nintendo Radio, revealed that there are no plans to make DLC available in The Conduit. It was explained that the decision was partially due to the fact that the Wii is very limited from a storage standpoint. However, Nicholls also added that although DLC will be absent from the first game, High Voltage would consider it for the sequel (most likely if Nintendo created a storage solution at that point.)

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ChickeyCantor3412d ago

damn those friendcodes -_-...
Guess Nintendo is the publisher.
HVS should DEMAND an alternative.

jorgeanaya0003412d ago

That friend codes thing probably does mean Nintendo is the publisher.

cemelc3412d ago

Since when nintendo has DLC for any game, i wish they stop crying about the problems of the internet, if a kid can play online=have a computer=could meet and @sshole just the same.

ChickeyCantor3412d ago

There are some titles with DLC.
Also, comparing PC to Wii isn't the same.
Wii is a Nintendo product and Nintendo doesn't wants to be responsible for all the poor kids becoming victims.


However they have a good system for parental lock, all they have to do now is make their online system that gets blocked with full features if Parental lock is on.

vashivihang3412d ago

this does not confirm nintendo as publisher because aside from EA, no other company has their own severs.Therefore, HVS would have to use friend codes even if it is being published by sega, capcom, ubicrap, activision etc

also, friend codes are no biggy as long as we can still play with random people without having to access through friend codes.

and i was really hoping that HVS would also have DLC seeing as they have been able to do amazing things with wii but oh well.

fake edit: cant they do what activision did with gh4 in terms of dlc?

some send an email to HVS about dlc.

ChickeyCantor3412d ago

Hell i just send an email, but not about DLC.
More about them to convince Nintendo about a much more user friendly online system.
DLC, i don't really care much for that if i can't have a basic FPS online setup.

vashivihang3412d ago

unless there are many maps, dlc would add to the replay value very much.

i would even delete all my other stuff just to have DLC for conduit

for example, in mohh2, there are only 6 maps and it gets old after some time.

btw, looking forward to playing with you sidar. you seem like a nice person.

i sent them an email too, giving them ideas about online modes and other general stuff like art direction. i have yet to receive a reply. i forgot to mention DLC in that email

chanmasta3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

... what's their email please, because I got a few things to suggest.

And also you both seem like cool people with no stupid attitude. So i'll also give you a game if you want ;)

I'm so looking forward to this game!

vashivihang3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

here it is.

use the address under "contact eric norfsinger at" because the feedback one doesnt work for some reason.

and thanks. what game are you talking about?

ill give you bubbles so you can post more

edit: damn cant post more. PM for anything else ;)

ChickeyCantor3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

"btw, looking forward to playing with you sidar. you seem like a nice person"

Yeah it always starts like that,
then i start to care about you to much...
And eventually you will hurt me =(...
I'm not sure if i have much room in the basement...left....

But yeah i don't mind some deathmatch with n4g =D!

I'm not waiting for a reply, i'm just hoping it will get into their thick skull xD

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vashivihang3412d ago

yes. the hand looks sweet. (i know its old)

chanmasta3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

... I really like that pic as well, that's why i used it! :D


Can't wait to see the hand and well... the whole suit when the game is completed.

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