'Game Mag Weaseling': Mag Roundup 9/13/08

GameSetWatch: "Bad news, game mag fans! If CNN and Fox News are to be believed, by the time you read this, I am going to be dead, my bloated, bleached body floating listlessly in brackish mire, surrounded by waterlogged issues of Game Players' Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games. I'm writing this on Thursday, and I've already put all my affairs in order -- my ferrets are going to the rescue, my dog to science, and my game mag collection's headed to the recycling center. Gotta save the environment, you know?

So while you're mourning my untimely death, why don't you click on and read all about the game mags released to US newsstands in the past two weeks? There's a bloody ton this time around from all corners of the world, and if you need something to read at the shelter in Austin, you're totally spoiled for choice. See you in the next life, everyone!"

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