NZGamer: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hands-On

NZGamers writes: "The Force Unleashed isn't the only Star Wars title due out soon by LucasArts and in November, Wii owners will be given more light-saber action in The Clone Wars. The animated movie and up-coming TV series tells a story that fits between episodes II and III revolving around a 're-Darth Vader' Anakin. It introduces us to several curious new characters, including Anakin's new padawan Ahsoka Tano and a maliciously delicious Sith known as Asajj Ventress. The movie and TV series also did an excellent job of making existing characters like Anakin, Obi Wan and Count Dooku more likable and interesting."

The Good: You can play as Asajj Ventress

The Bad: You can't cut off Jar Jar's head

The Ugly: You look spastic whilst playing

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