4CR PAX Hands-On: Defense Grid - The Awakening

4CR writes: "I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the gaming development community. I generally know who's who and what's in development. Despite that, I had no idea who Hidden Path Entertainment was. When I received an invitation to go up to their hotel room and try their new game, I was a mixture of intrigued and terrified. Thankfully, not only did I not get stabbed in some mysterious hotel room, but their game is actually pretty cool.

Defense Grid: The Awakening is Hidden Path's take on the well-explored "tower defense" genre. Whether you recognize the term or not, you've played a tower defense game at some point. In the simplest terms, you have some "tower" or resource that needs protecting, and you strategically prevent enemy forces from capturing it. Defense Grid takes that concept and expands it into a full twenty-level "tower defense" tour de force."

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