The State of PC and Console Release Cycles, According to Alienware

GameSpot spoke with Frank Azor about Alienware, its competitors, and the upcoming changes to console release cycles: "PC has won."

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UltraNova388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

PC or Console, the age old question ...

Two different aproaches, for different people. Not direct competitors imho.

As for Frank Azor's comment...well what do you expect a man selling Gaming PCs for a living to say?

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Pathogenic387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

Alienware was bought out by Dell. Why the **** would I listen to some PR bull**** on the state of Gaming PC's vs Consoles. Sorry but it's getting quite old and everyone with a sensible mind knows that PC outperforms on consoles. Then again consoles have First Party exclusives that we on PC would love to have but we can't.

While everyone can nit pick on what's going to happen in the future we are about to take off again on the PC side with
8K panels being introduced late 2017/2018. 8K panels are already being designed as "Sharp" is looking to release one soon. Here is the link. We also have new the Zen CPU & Motherboards coming in 2017 with Intel offering they're new line of products. It should boast well heading into late 2017/2018 for at least 5K gaming or possibly 8K but that's just based on speculation.

Sharp 8K Monitor Link:

UltraNova387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

For arguing's sake, please tell me how would an 8K capable PC setup look like in 2017 (specs) and how much would it cost? Additionally, what percentage of the the PC community would afford it? 0.001%? 0.01%?

8K wont be as relevant(apart from the 0.001% PC players who shit money) as 4K is today for a good 5 more years, and thats a fact.

So lets see 4K ultra settings at 60fps get mainstream or even reach a respectaple percentage of users and then do the 8K talk.


Wow wow hold your horses who said I was upset? I was just asking for your thoughts on the 8K scene. And yes i hit dissagree because the way you expressed your enthusiasm on 8K came off as 8K being a thing today!

Case in point: "While everyone can nit pick on what's going to happen in the future we are about to take off again on the PC side with
8K panels being introduced late 2017/2018. "

And btw two titans can barely do 8K at low settings and inconsitent 30fps. All that for 2400 dollars worth of GPU only.

No hard feelings dude.

Pathogenic387d ago

You must be upset even though I said "Based on Speculation" for 5K and 8K gaming. Relax. Obviously we won't hit that anytime soon especially since you need 2 Titans to to even run 8K @30fps. It's been done but it requires a lot of money invested. You are right that 4K is pushing for mainstream but that doesn't mean industry professionals can't release products ahead of time to the minority of people who are willing to shell out the money. I for one can invest in that if I choose to. Just like people who lease new cars every year or buys a new a car for the latest and greatest.

It's a choice. If you have the money then spend it on what like. You give me a disagree because you failed to understand what I was saying? Congrats.

TheOptimist387d ago

Yup the same thing was said by console people when 4K gaming was introduced, and now look at how the console market is scramming for Pro and Neo. PC Gaming, even if limited to 0.1% is for the enthusiasts. Those who have limited budget or are just casual gamers tend to lean towards consoles.

Elronza387d ago

PC is better than any consoles. I like consoles ,but I can live without them PC's not so much! I am hyped for the Nintendo Switch and will be buying it day one!

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