GTA IV PC Pics & Recommended specs

The games for windows site is now home to a section for GTA IV coming to the PC this November it include two new screens and more importantly the recommended specifications. So either rejoice at having a computer up to spec or get your piggy bank out.

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Killjoy30003566d ago

I have to say, the visuals look much finer than its console counterparts.

Hydrolex3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Wow who approved this ?

BLOODMASK deserves a ban ! why ? Because he approved both newses !!!!!! WOW

vitz33566d ago

Bloodmask deserved a ban from the day he signed up. His fanboyism needs to stop.

Kick The Ass3566d ago

Maybe I'm just a little outdated on the current computer games, but seriously...


TheIneffableBob3566d ago

Well, it uses higher resolution textures than the console versions, so it's going to require more space.

WhittO3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

So glad i got a ps3, i got it for this very reason, those specs are ridiculous! Obv not the highest out, but it goes to show how powerful the 360 and ps3 are to run these kind of games without these specs, and the graphics aren't that much better on PC, unless you have it on the highest settings.

Next time someone complains about a 5gb install on ps3, look at it's PC counterpart...18GB's !!!!!

moses3566d ago

Consoles are dedicating everything they have to running the game, and just a tiny bit for the ingame os. PC's have to run a full featured operating system, and background programs + the game. The spec's aren't that ridiculous at all, and won't take much of a PC to look much better then the console version.

Also, the reason it's 18GB for the PC install is that it's installing ALL the files, the WHOLE game is on your HDD, while on the PS3 it's more of a cache to compensate for Blu-ray's low reading speed.

PikkonX3566d ago

Very well said Moses. The specs really aren't bad for recent PCs. The only thing I could see giving people some trouble is not having a 512MB GPU.

NarsilianShard3566d ago

Yeah, I was shocked at first at the 512mb requirement. But 512s have come done A LOT in price. I paid $250 for an 8800gt just 6 months ago and it's already down to $100.

moses3566d ago

Any card 100$ and up (some even sub) will have at least 512MB. A 9600 GT, 8800GT, 4850 will all suffice at a cheap price.

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WhittO3566d ago

My point is that i bought my PC for about £480 about 2 1/2 years ago, i then upgraded it with memory and new graphics card about 1 year after i had it.

Most new games coming out it will run - on low settings making the games look crap and low framerates.

I bought my PS3 for futre proof, that i do not need to constantly upgrade my comp specs every 2 years and spend hundreds just so it will play the latest games the way they were meant to be played (not on minimal settings).

Sure you can get graphics cards for cheaper now, but game requirements only increase so theres no use buying a card that will play todays games well and as the more time passes it becomes less and less able.

With a ps3 or 360, you know every single game you purchase will play, with no need to upgrade specs.

Also, about the slow reading speed for blu-ray:

If you look into it, bluray doesnt have a low read speed, its the hardware its running on:

If the dvd read rate was so much faster, why is there a need to install all the files onto the hdd? Im sorry, i have 700gb hdd but 18gb for a single game is well too much! - thats like on average (of about 4gb) 4 1/2 games worth of storage!

moses3566d ago

If you knew what you were buying, and smartly managed your computer hardware, it would be a much better investment then a console. I only have a 500GB hard-drive and I find a 18GB install just fine, there's plenty of space where that came from.

Also, yes the Blu-ray reading speed is slow on the PS3, why do you think installs are required? Just look at the Soulcaliber IV loading times installed vs not installed.

WhittO3566d ago

18GB is not fine at all.

I have about 10 tv series on my comp, i have a few seasons of each, each season takes up on average 7gb.

Ive got about 100gb left, 18gb for a single game is just not acceptable at all, especially since most averaged priced computers people buy today have about 160gb - 200gb hdd.

moses3566d ago

You can just go on newegg and buy a new 500GB drive for 70$, HD space and ram is very cheap now.

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