Amazon Price Matches Gamestop Pre-Black Friday Sale

"Amazon has started price matching against Gamestop Pre-Black Friday Sale. In addition to that, Amazon has also added some deals that are better than GameStop."

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C-H-E-F518d ago

Consoles need to do this with digital pricing.

Fishy Fingers518d ago

Console digital pricing is an absolute joke. Even during the so called 'sales' the digital versions often cost more than you can get a physical copy for.

nevin1518d ago

Do you think it's because people prefer digital over physical?

Fishy Fingers518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

Physical is still more popular than digital.

I think it's simply an easy way to maximise profit by taking advantage of people who either need it 'now', can't make it to a shop for whatever reason or the people who don't know better or just don't care.

They may even have some agreement in place with retailers. Who knows.

dms5223518d ago

Yeah it's basic economics (as much as that sucks). You're paying for the convenience of getting the product immediately without having to get off the couch. Same reason on demand rentals are more than Redbox.

Probably some corporate greed sprinkled in there too :P

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oof46518d ago

Until console companies don't have to rely on brick and mortar stores, digital prices for console games will always be higher.

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Sephiroushin518d ago

The Division is not $10 on PS4

KillZallthebeast518d ago

Lol I love amazon especially with prime. I know some people like going into stores, but I personally hate dealing with crowds. I am surprised they haven't put some companies out of business yet.

LAWSON72518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

Well I am sure they helped close many Kmart and Sears at least. Stores like Walmarts are not going anywhere anytime soon. I am a big shopper on Amazon and IMO they are meh for clothes shopping usually so clothing stores are probably not effected by them specifically

KillZallthebeast518d ago

to be fair most k-marts I have been too are just awful experiences and usually not organized at all...and I worked at sear like 7 years ago the majority of their buisness is from the elderly and almost no young people.

IceKoldKilla518d ago

What!? Those prices suck! Right now PS Store's Black Friday deals are awesome. Batman Arkham Knight: Premium Edition for $20 and here the base game is $40?! Mad Max is $8, Battlefront Deluxe Edition is $10 and so much more. At least for once digital sales are cheaper as they should be.