New Phased Zones in Wrath of the Lich King have written an overview of the new "Phased zones" that will be introduced into World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Will this new system change the way we all see WoW's world, will it be popular with players, and most importantly, will it change gameplay for the better?

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Elly3592d ago

So they are quite different to instances then. This sounds very promising. Has this type of thing been used in other MMOs before and if so, how did it work in practice?

Leord3591d ago

I think this can be an excellent feature for WoW. Well, if they only make the easy difference that you manually can change between phases you have been. Basically, you could change lots of things, like having Onyxia left in SW in one phase, but when you've done that quest (or other related quests, or are at a certain level) you will be in another phase. Through this system you could actually invade Theramore, burn it to the ground in one quest, while others are doing their regular quests there and are none the wiser.

It would be possible to have an ACTUAL story line with ACTUAL events, and people would still be able to go back and help friends!

furyswrath3591d ago

Thats cool in all but how do you assist your friend with quests?