CVG: Exclusive WipEout HD videos

CVG writes: "It's been a long time coming, but we finally have a complete copy of WipEout HD in the house.

CVG was told that the delays owed to the game failing epilepsy tests. But the final version we have here is still as fast, bright and insanely colourful as before, particularly on the incredible-looking Zone levels.

We've got four exclusive videos for you here, showing off a couple of races in all their explosive glory and a time trial race with its cool hologram ghost."

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thor3597d ago

So the zone mode wasn't altered that much? That's good to hear. The comparison we saw before was between one of the earlier zone levels and one of the later ones. It seems to be much easier to get the gold than I remember in wipeout fusion, I suppose I'm not the one playing though :)

thor3597d ago

Many games get delayed because there are problems with development, they underestimate deadlines, and so the final product is often a buggy, underwhelming mess. This game looks like it has taken the time it has been delayed to pack it with features, and really polish the game to the highest standard. I'm really anticipating its release.

Vitalogy3597d ago

This is a 1st day buy title, no doubt. And the price!? Are you kidding me, its a joke.

thor3597d ago

Yeah it's so cheap! Everyone was expecting it to be around warhawk's price and we all thought it was going to have a blu-ray release as well. Also it seems that it's got plenty of play time in it, and with the split-screen and online modes it should provide weeks' worth of fun :)

yanikins1113597d ago

cool now "psygnosis"- thats what we call them - can start working on the only game that matters.

colony wars.

I know. im dreaming. but come on...

PoSTedUP3597d ago

are you talking about colony wars for the ps1?!?? cause i still have that game, it was AWESOME, so awesome that i played it not to long ago. i f-ing love that game : ).

arika3597d ago

wipeout hd is looking good people... for 20 bucks thats a steal.. can't wait for it come out. 3 weeks to go.