PSW: Fallout 3 Preview

PSW writes: "Now, it isn't everyday that I get to slip an unpinned grenade into the pocket of a defenceless old woman while she's asleep. Let alone an old woman who spends her daylight hours worshipping an unexploded nuclear bomb in the town of Megaton in the year 2247.

Then again, Fallout 3 isn't your average game - something I easily remarked upon while watching said geriatric cult member frantically patting down her frilly looking undergarments in the seconds before her inevitable explosion.

Going beyond her makeshift church, past the taverns and hovels of Megaton and out of the robot-guarded gates and I'm back into the wastes. An endless brown vista that stretches miles in every direction. To the South lies Vault 101, the stark metal confines my character grew up in before tumbling out into the daylight in pursuit of his errant father."

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