NGamer UK: Rock Band Review

NGamer writes: "In this godforsaken age of the TV talent show, we can find hope in gaming. The obvious reason for this is that if you've fired up a game on your Wii just before Pop Idol starts, the buffoon in your house who wanted to watch it will be unable to use the TV because you got there first (them's the rules).

In a rather more roundabout way, mass take-up of games such as Rock Band and SingStar could bring about the demise of the talent show altogether. Think about it: rather than terrorising the nation via X-Factor, people who think they've got talent could get a copy of the game and let the software decide whether they can cut it or not. That should either lead them to seek out a record deal or knock their dreams on the head accordingly, meaning us long-suffering viewers are spared weeks of ear-blinding squawking."

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