4 Color Rebellion Hands-On: Valkyria Chronicles

From the Hands-on: "Valkyria Chronicles (not to be confused with Valkyrie Profile) is a new Tactical RPG from WOW Entertainment and Sega. The storyline focuses on a fictional continent, based on Europe of the 1930's. Several ideologically-opposed countries have gone to war over Ragnite, a fuel source and potent explosive. Gallia, a neutral country described as a cross between Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, becomes a battleground because of its rich supply of Ragnite. The writers have put a focus on coming up with characters that you will fall in love with and adding little touches that will make you care about them by the end. Every character has a distinctive personality, and their interests and relationships will actually affect the gameplay. "

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Homicide3571d ago

Can't wait for this game. I hope Gamestop will give out some artbook or something for pre-ordering this game.