The Escapist Guest Columnist: The PS3 Needs to Be "Underpriced"

The Escapist writes: "Following the latest announcement of the Xbox 360's price drop to $199, there has been a fair amount of debate over whether the PS3 needs to follow suit and respond with its own price drop. And the arguments basically break down into the following two camps:

* No, it doesn't need to drop its price: the PS3 hardware offers much more than its competition, and the consumers should realize the immense value it brings to the table at "only" $400.
* Yes, it should drop the price: The consumers are not going to pay $400+ for a videogame console, especially when they have $199 (360) and $249 (Wii) alternatives."

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Darkiewonder3596d ago

The 360 was always cheaper than ps3 and regardless of the price ps3 is doing fine. It's everyone else that wants to pay less. They say they want more consumers to get it but it's more like "I want to buy it at cheaper as well" but there are still consumers out there that are still buying the system at the price it's at now.

Sony's Strategy right now is to make a profit and underpricing it won't do much for them. With the Fall games coming out soon it's sony's best interest to advertise the system and the plethora of games coming out. Sony will do great this holiday!

soul899er3596d ago

Amen! Bubbles :D plus people need to understand that Sony couldnt lower the price because of Blueray, the value would go waaay down, thats not a good thing, Blueray is expensive to make..... btw i barely know what im talking about but im sure Blueray is that wall between that pricecut

fjtorres3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

One more time, Sony-boys:

360 Arcade *can* work with live just fine.
PS3 fans talk of value but conveniently forget that the $199 Arcade is not just a box but a complete gaming package: controller, memory card, and 5 games. If all you want is to play games, which is what consoles are for, Arcade is all you need.

Ditto for the Wii; the $80 Wii fit is no more a mandatory requirement for gameplay than a hard drive is.

For a guy who claims to own all three systems he doesn't seem all that well informed about the PS3 competition, does he? Kinda undercuts his thesis that the PS3 pricing problem is *all* about perception...

It isn't; Sony made a decision to go after affluent buyers with PS3. Their choice, not ours.
They said that people would take on second jobs to afford the PS3, remember? Some, obviously, could afford to pay $1000 for a launch PS3, but the rest of us would rather be playing than working a second job... :-)
Price dictates the number and *type*of customers you get and Sony is clearly quite happy with their price point and the kind of customers is brings, as they keep on coming back to $499 over and over.

Microsoft and Nintendo, just as obviously, prefer to go after other, more abundant customers; folks interested in gaming, not feature comparisons. And if the same game plays equally well on a $199 console as a $499 console, there isn't much incentive to go higher, is there?

Its all about the games, when all is said and done and the best games got to where the money is; where the most gamers are. That is why Sony needs to cut prices; reality, not perception.

Microsoft, on the other hand said from day one they intended to be first to $299, first to $199, and first to $149.
Two down; one to go...

Its called a price war: Sony can jump in whenever they want to follow Microsoft.
Nobody is stopping them.

soul899er3596d ago

^^^ Fool!

and LOL @ you for thinking the Arcade SKU is a complete gaming package! xD and also even with the pricecut the Arcade 360 costs as much as the PS3

Live: 50$
Wirless Adaptor: $99

some other stuff you need that should have been added in the first place! you do the math and tell me if Arcade is the full Xbox360 experience, cause its not

juuken3596d ago

...The 360 was always cheaper than the PS3. The PS3 back in 2007 was at least $599.999+.

Like I said, cheaper does not always mean better.

jif863596d ago

You get what you pay for these days, and the PS3/3fixMe comparison proves it.

I'd rather spend extra money on a fantastic machine with free online play, blu ray, full HD, superior games, than have a dvd player that I have to pay to play online to toast my bread, and it burn it 68% of the time.

I take my hat off to Monopolysoft, they at least made the worlds first toaster/dvd combi. Pity its not worth a penny though.

juuken3596d ago

...I did not just write $599.999 .__.;

I meant $599.99! >.<

And I agree completely with you. The PS3 is an excellent system.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

The Arcade model is at $199.99 and comes with nothing and the Elite model comes with everything you need at the same price as the PlayStation 3. If you ever buy the Arcade model and want to go online you'll be paying more than the Elite's price point. People need to realize why the Arcade model is so cheap and the Elite model is so significantly different from the Arcade's price point.

In conclusion as long as the Elite is $399.99 the PlayStation 3 doesn't need one. In reality the PlayStation 3 is under priced the XBOX 360 is over priced. I love how Bo "Orakga" Jinn (Author) suggests Sony to have a fake price cut like Microsoft, lol. It's the second year for the PlayStation 3 there isn't going to be a price cut.

briguy2043596d ago

I dont understand why you say that the xbox 360 arcade comes with nothing when it comes with everything required to play xbox 360 games (it even comes with the memory card for saves and XBLA games, i dont even remember gamecube or ps2 doing that here in the US). And if you actually did research (or at least didnt let your fanboyism cloud your judgement) you would know that you dont need an HD to play online (you can use the memory card unit). what you do need a hard drive for is to play xbox 1 games, and download movies/demos on Marketplace, but then again the new ps3s cant play ps2 games, with or without the harddrive.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

When you choose to play online you're going to need a hard drive (20GB CAD $129.99/ 120GB $159.99), no rechargeable batteries (Quick Charge CAD $39.99/ $29.99,no head set (optional / CAD Wired $34.99/ Wireless $69.99), online CAD $59.99, and the other things like HDMI cables.

Basics: CAD $219.97 / $259.97 (no taxes added)

Oh, the 512MB will really last you a lifetime with games like Project Gotham Racing 3 running you 350MB to save. I'm sure with all the talk about online play with Gears of War 2 and save about 1-2 games on the memory card with due you just fine. Oh, ya Burnout Paradise requires a hard drive to play online. I almost forget something called updates that will require you to download when trying to go online or an online game. There are updates for the console itself like the "New XBOX Experience" will all fit on a 512MB memory card including your 1-2 campaign saves.

But I'm just a fanatic so what do I know, right?

mboojigga3595d ago

Educate yourself on the system you barely use. The 360 can be updated without the hardrive. Look it up. Better yet, do it with your own 360. Take the hardrive out and look for an update from MS.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Lol, oh really, I wonder what will happen if I pop in Halo 3 without my hard drive? You'll need a memory card for your profile otherwise I won't get anywhere. Even if I do use a memory card I'm pretty sure I'll be asked to update my console again when I already did it once.

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ThatCanadianGuy3596d ago

I think its well worth the money.

But if you go into any comment section of Youtube or gametrailers etc.
There's always people saying "i want a PS3..but its just to expensive.I'll wait till they drop the price.."

If Sony would drop atleast 50$.Im guessing there would be a surge in sales.

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