IGN: DT Carnage Review

IGN writes: "Car combat titles are kind of a rare species in gaming nowadays, primarily because of the tricky balance that needs to be struck to make them. I'm not talking about those racers where there's some incidental or intentional rubbing or crashing; instead, I mean games where cars are stocked with missiles, oil slicks and cannons. Part of the problem is getting a variety of weapons or abilities that makes action on the track fun and engaging to fight through lap after lap. The other part is coming up with a variety of missions and gameplay that doesn't make the game feel repetitive. DT Carnage, Axis Entertainment and Agetec's recent release, is the latest title to attempt to straddle this complicated line with minimal success.

The main focus of DT Carnage is League Conquest, a story based mode revolving around the DT Racing Leagues. Players take on the role of one of five characters, each with their own natural skills like drifting, handling or speed, which is supposed to inform how they like to drive. The choice of character doesn't affect the plot, which is the same regardless – the character's father lost a driving duel and was placed in the hospital, but disappeared that same night. Trying to track down the mysterious circumstances that are swirling around their family, your character joins the league with the plan of discovering what happened to your father and destroying his attacker."

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