Videogamer: Stargate Worlds Interview Part 2

Videogamer writes: "Yesterday we brought you the first part of our monster interview with Stargate Worlds studio head Dan Elggrin. In the second and final part he talks open beta plans, discusses the potential for a console version and insists his game won't end up like Tabula Rasa. Have you ironed out the details for the closed beta? Is there a date, number of players for example?

DE: We have our internal date that we're targeting which is in the next couple of months. We want to open it up to probably a good couple of thousand each week and continue to add more and more people to the universe. Also within the next couple of months we want to be content complete. We've got content all in the game now. We want people to come in and give us that rough feedback so we can iterate between now and launch."

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