GameTrailers TV: Eposide 124 Chapter 1-4

GameTrailers writes: "Chapter 1: The Power of PAX

Penny Arcade's Gabe & Tycho tell us about PAX. Plus, Daniel previews Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2.

Chapter 2: It's a good Day!

Felicia Day tells us about her game-themed web show, The Guild! In addition, Daniel gets some ATV air-time with PURE.

Chapter 3: A Deadly Reveal!

Eat brains as playable zombies in Left 4 Dead! Also, Amanda with the bands of PAX and Jenny McCarthy on Red Alert 3.

Chapter 4: Penny Arcade - Industry Grade

The creators of Penny Arcade give their thoughts on the gaming industry. Plus, Maggie Q in Need for Speed: Undercover!

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