Steep Doesn't Feel as Thrilling as SSX

Steep was in open beta this weekend. How does it stack up against the classic SSX series.

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Princess_Pilfer754d ago

Are you surprised? I mean, I despise EA and haven't bought any of their stuff in a long time, but it's not like anything in the genre ever comes close to SSX ( we don't talk about blur.)

ChrisW754d ago


Yup! My thoughts exactly. SSX is my go-to game when the snow starts to fall and I can't take time off for a ski trip... which generally isn't until late winter. :(

Goldby755d ago

" Whilst getting a certain score in an event awards you with a medal, your limited trick ability, especially on a snowboard, means events offer far less than simply exploring."

I disagree.
off the top of my head i can recall the snowboarding having over 20 tricks just involving the L2. the trick system is very similar to SKATE. There are basic grabs of L2 and R2, tweaking those after grabbing with the Right joystick, also joysticks plus L2/R2 and then tweaking those as well.

Its an easy game to learn, difficult to master, some tricks if done properly can net you huge points and combo meter. just need to take the time to learn them.

754d ago
andrewsquall754d ago

Either way we have another Holiday 2016 stinker of a seller. Just blame it on BF1 and COD like with Titanfall 2.

Crazyglues754d ago

I'm sorry but Steep is Garbage....

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The story is too old to be commented.